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Six annual MMC Bushveld

10 January 2016

The 6th Mighty Men Conference in the Bushveld will take place from 11 to  13 March on the farm Snymansdrift, 18km outside Polokwane. Francois Brits, owner of the farm and the rest of the MMC Busveld committee is extremely positive about the thousands of men who will gather in Polokwane this year. This year is very special to us as God showed the vision for the year from Isaiah 55 – “Come all you who are thirsty……..” The message from God was clear and therefore MMC Bushveld will be free of charge for everyone again this year.  Campers are welcome to arrive on Thursday the 10th to prepare their campsites for the weekend. Running water and nice cold showers were erected for a crisp open-air shower to be enjoyed. Unfortunately no electricity is available and campers should bring their own generators, battery or gas equipment along. Controlled open fires for braai’s will be permitted.  A wide variety of meals and refreshments will be available from our food and drinks stands. The MMC Clothing shop will once again proof to be a very popular attraction offering spectacular memorabilia for the men to purchase.

Unfortunately ladies will not be allowed until the Sunday morning sermon which will be conducted by Angus Buchan 

Piet (Miner) Jacobs will have the men on their knees again during the Saturday morning sermons.  In 2013 event Piet challenged the men to change ownership and become a new man, a man of God!  Matt Ludick will conduct the Friday opening sermon and Saturday  evening sermon. Angus Buchan will conduct the family sermon on Sunday morning and will as usual bring a message to the family.  

As always thousands of men will unite in praise and worship, joining Franna Benade and Joe Niemand with his worship team, getting the Holy Spirit going and the tears flowing.

The MMC Bushveld committee cannot wait to welcome all men and their families to attend the Mighty Men Conference at Snymansdrift on 11-13 March. Bring a friend or two, or maybe a family member and experience the power of the Holy Spirit change you forever. God wants to change men and their circumstances, renew broken hearts and meet with men on their knees. AMEN!!!



Our aim for 2016:

Our vision for 2016: Come everyone who thirst, come to the waters, and he who has no money come..."The word of God called us to invite every man from any race and religion to get together at one place to serve and praise only the One and only God, Jesus Christ" 

We want every man that seeks the face of God to make their way to MMC Bushveld in

 Polokwane. Come renew your relationship with your Father .



Stage and waiting area:

The stage was built early in 2012 and is a magnificent asset to the MMC arena.

The guys are now getting set to put up a small lapa-like area for the guest speakers,

which will serve as their waiting area.

We found that the noise, although beautiful, of the worship team in action,

got a bit much when the speakers wanted to prepare themselves for their sermons

and when the media wanted to interview them afterwards.

We definitely do not want the worship team to lower their volume or limit the

Holy Spirit in its work, therefore we decided on this area.

Worship team:

Franna Benade and the worship team will start working on their repertoire early in 2016

and your input is welcome.  What are the songs that you would like to sing? 

Let us know by sending an email to and we will ensure

that the worship team gets your request.  Even though they might not be able

to include ALL the suggestions, it is something that they would welcome.



One of the biggest needs is still funding.  
Any donations or physical assistance will be highly welcomed:

The bank account details are:
Limpopo for Jesus
FNB - Platinum Park
Account: 62306916381
Branch: 260226
Reference: Name and surname / Company name


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